PEN F system lenses price index

2013 price development on ebay including shipping.

 Lens Focal LengthAverage Price# of salessigma
WideG.Zuiko AUTO-W20mm f/3.5$2639$55
E.Zuiko AUTO-W25mm f/4$2149$70
G.Zuiko AUTO-W25mm f/2.8$3125$63
StandardF.Zuiko AUTO-S38mm f/1.8$15579$35
G.Zuiko AUTO-S40mm f/1.4$21222$51
H.Zuiko AUTO-S42mm f/1.2$6207$105
TelephotoG.Zuiko AUTO-T60mm f/1.5$700 *h4n.a.
F.Zuiko AUTO-T70mm f/2$5132n.a.
E.Zuiko AUTO-T100mm f/3.5$9430$30
E.Zuiko AUTO-T150mm f/4$100751
Super TelephotoE.Zuiko T250mm f/5---
E.Zuiko T400mm f/6.3---
Zuiko Mirror T800mm f/8---
ZoomZuiko AUTOZOOM50–90mm f/3.5$79 *l16$29
Zuiko ZOOM100–200mm f/5$833n.a.
OthersE.Zuiko AUTO-S38mm f/2.8$3993n.a.
D.Zuiko AUTO-S38mm f/2.83074n.a.
E.Zuiko MACRO38mm f/3.5$3893n.a.

Prices on ebay.com including shipment to NJ, USA. Only "real" auctions with minimum 2 bids and a reasonable starting price have been used for calculation. Shipping costs are in the range between $6 and $30, for some international shipping even higher. Sigma is the Standard Deviation.
Time frame covered: April 18, 2013 to November 27, 2013, I'll update this list from time to time.
*h: highest price lens: $1,261, never used in original box
*l: lowest price lens: $31, very worn but functional.

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