Photo Porst 1937 Catalog

I'm in posession of a 1937 catalog from Germany's largest (pre WW-II) photo retailer Photo Porst. It's really interesting to browse through and I'm going to post some pages here from time to time (I did it once so far, see here). Prices are given in Reichsmark, according to Wikipedia one RM from 1937 corresponds to the buying power of ca. US$ 5.20 (4€) in today's money. These are Germany's most important 35 mm cameras from 1937, and at this time the German camera industry still were setting world standards...
Ich besitze schon lange einen Katalog von Photo Porst aus dem Jahr 1937, ich hatte schonmal daraus eine Seite hier gepostet (Leica III). Hier nun die Zusammenfassung zu den wichtigsten Klein(bild)kameras des Jahres in Deutschland mit Preisen in Reichsmark (eine Reichsmark entspräche heute nach Kaufkraft ca. 4 €).

Leitz Leica, Karat, Berning Robot, Welti, Dollina, Baldina, Weltini, Ihagee Exakta, Kodak Retina, Nettel, Nettax, Zeiss Ikon Contax, Contaflex.

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